Tuesday, August 7, 2018

National Night Out - Games People Played

Rarely nowadays when kids are roaming the streets is it considered not a good thing. We always roamed the streets when we were younger but we did have our curfews, established by our parents, otherwise we were outside playing all day and half the night.

Tag Someone has to start this one out as IT. IT isn't the opportune position to have unless you like to be different and have the power. The majority is not IT and runs away until IT tags you as IT.

Jail -Jail and Free the Bunch This game is gang related in that you need a few kids to play this and you need teams. ( a group tag)

Red Rover aka as Break the Chain was usually a schoolyard game and required a lot of kids, interlocking hands and showing a wall of strength. The weak ones were good options to run between. This I know as a skinny weak one. I could handle me some rovers now. I have done some core work. 💪

Freeze Tag Exactly what it says, if you get tagged you freeze, someone who is not tagged can unfreeze you, while attempting not to get caught and froze themselves.

Simon Says You must follow the commands of Simon, just make sure the commands initiate with Simon Says. You do have to listen carefully because Simon is secretly trying to trip you up.

Mother May I ( ballerina steps, scissor steps, baby steps, giants steps)

Red light, green light, When the person calling the color turns around green means go and red means stop. The first person to reach the caller gets to be the caller.

Card Games (Go Fish, Old Maid, War).👵 no female EVER wanted to be stuck with the Old Maid it meant spinsterhood for the rest of your life. I have now come to learn this is Fake News. You have a 50/50 chance. War turned out to be an okay game with cards, you had a chance to win. Go Fish may be the only safe bet in today's times.

Catching Lightning Bugs and keeping them in a jar to glow. ( Keeping them in there overnight is not always the best thing to do, even if you have lots of holes in the lid and they are grass fed). This I have learned by experience.

Dodge Ball and or Monkey in the Middle you can easily transition from one to the other especially when one player is always stuck in the middle.

Statues was a hard game I thought but still fun. You would get spun around and either the spinner commanded you mimic a popular tv star or you made one up and they had to guess. My recollection is a little fuzzy on this one and often games were made up and rules sometimes varied.

With the exception of purchasing a deck of cards, the rest of these games did not cost any money, the price was having fun and sometimes you lost and sometimes you won.

Nowadays to be outside playing you almost always have to belong to a team, a club or some organized something. Back in the day rarely did inclusion matter by ability we just needed to make the sides even. You wanna play? You are on their team. I didn't say we were illiterate. Competition is cool but winning is the best bragging rights for the evening and if you lost, you come back the next day and bring your "A" game.

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