Thursday, August 9, 2018

Football Terms Study Card

I am not always the best person to watch a game with, I ask a lot of questions, beginning with, "What was that?" These terms help me get a general concept of the game.

Huddle  It is like a cuddle where the players on the field embrace and prepare to attack the opponent for the brotherly love of the game.

Block is a term just about anyone can understand. If someone is blocking you on the field, or even on Facebook you know right off you are not friends. This feature is also available on cell phones. What isn't available on cell phones? There is probably also an APP for blocking by now.

Tackle is a problem solver especially if the opposing team is running away towards the goal post with the ball, you have to get up there quick and take him down. In television viewing land, spectators often use their Exorcists voice here, with a strong an vile "Get Him."

First Down Advancing at a minimum of 10 yards is one of my favorite results in a play. It offers hope it makes me feel up and excited for the opportunity. By the time it gets to the Fourth down, however the excitement had waned to, you gotta get this one. AHHH that was so close streeetch.  
Offense anyone that seems a little offensive comes off as a trouble maker, you gotta keep your eyes on these guys. They can yield a lot of power.

Defense  What? I didn't do anything. I was just protecting my guy aka as the innocents. That was a helmet? Let's see a show of hands, I never touched that guy or maybe it was self defense.

Throw and Catch many of us have learned this at an early age, I throw, you catch. The kids you gotta watch out for are the ones that start real early. Perhaps they are in a high chair and they randomly throw something to the ground for you to pick up. I have also seen projectiles come out of strollers, coaches and pack and play aka the old playpens. I wonder will these kids grow up to be quarterbacks or are they merely testing you to see if you can make the team? Play along and see if you can figure it out.

End Zone - "It can be a Happy Place". If you make a touchdown in this area of the field in the last seconds of the game to put your team ahead, game over, you win! This also can happen in a big way if your team has been a dynasty for years and the big game comes along and Cinderella takes the win. You are no longer in the zone. There is a new dog in the house.


Sacked is one of my least favorite moves even if it is on the opposing quarterback.  It's a mom thing, nobody wants to see your kid get hurt or anyone else for that manner, even if they are grown men.

Fantasy Football Miracles, Hail Mary, St. Nick, - Nick Foles has made all Philadelphia fans believers. As another sport legend of Philadelphia sports, Tug MacGraw used to say, "You Gotta Believe".


I may not have all my terms down exactly right but it does keep me interested in the game and more so after our Super Bowl Win in 2018. I know what Philly, Philly means, most of us bleed green in Philadelphia. I have seen other shirts walk around town and they are brave to do that but Yo we let everybody in.  

Game day, wear Green.

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