Friday, July 6, 2018

Highlights of the 155th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

Gettysburg's 155th Anniversary event was hosted by Civil War Historical Impressions and The Dixie Rose Relief Society. 

Education and preservation are the primary objectives of these groups but it also has a family feel. Folks of all ages are invited to come explore the 1860s and gain an understanding for what both sides represented. Immersion is a wonderful way to learn and that’s what you get when you attend a living history event. You can touch, hear, smell, see, and occasionally taste history!

Civil War Fashion Show


Janet Arone, Hannah Opendaker, Ashley Sonntag, Carol Polkinghorne and Adelaide Kirschner

Hannah Opdenaker displaying widow attire. 

Playing with a cipher.

Field hospital

Camp dance with period music and dances.

Photographs and captions submitted by Kristen Kirschner pictured along with Adelaide Kirschner both members of The Dixie Rose Relief Society and live history teachers. Also pictured above are members of The Civil War Historical Impressions.

Kristen has been reenacting for 8 years and portrays Kate Corbin Pendleton, wife of Colonel Sandie Pendleton. She was in labor with Adelaide at an event with the Dixie Roses, so Adelaide has been referred to as the groups "Rosebud" until recently graduating to the rank of full Rose. Adelaide has four ancestors who fought at Gettysburg, two Union and two Confederates. One of the Yankees was killed in the Wheat Field and one of the Confederates was wounded in Pickett's Charge. The wounded Confederate and his brother were subsequently captured and imprisoned. Both were paroled and returned to their unit and both were captured again in October 1864. The one brother was released again but the other was not and eventually died of illness in prison.

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