Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Election: Measure of a Man/Women

Current Job


 (what knowledge do they bring)

Equal Job - Equal Pay

Whose live matters

Criminal Justice Reform

Opioid Crisis 

Gun Violence

Safe Schools

Political or Physical scientist 

  The website Committee of 70
a non-partisan group with good information on the candidates..
(You can even print out a ballot guide to take with you, but you also need to login, password,etc. to do that, you can still look at candidates info.)

PennLive along with League of Women Voters also offers information on the candidates.
A Statewide Guide to the 2018 PA Primary
  WHYY.org Primary Voter Guide

Out of many, you pick one
(in some cases)

Left or right? 
(vote your party affiliate)

How do you measure up?

Get out and Vote

Choose Your Candidate - Be Counted 

It's Prime Time 

in PA 

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