Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Opening Olympic Ceremony Highlights, PyeongChang, South Korea

White tiger symbolism in Korea powerful people become humble and rich people generous.

Mount Hallasan is the highest mountain in South Korea at 6,400 feet. Seventy percent of Korea is mountainous.
Korean culture believes in harmony and peace with animals, nature and man.

Phoenix not a symbol of rising from the ashes, things appear rising, prosperity hope and peace.

Map making 6 centuries ago 1st map of world made in Korea
Group more important than individual, the group can do more.

Drums represent ying and yang, both sides of the mountain ,sides of harmony.
Circles balance circle of life circle of change

The Korean flag has the ying and yang symbol on it, read the rest of the meaning at wikipedia.

The Five Rings represent the five continents of athletes that participate in the Olympics.

Two members of the combined North and South Korea's women's hockey team rose the steps together to the cauldron to pass the torch to former South Korea Olympic standout figure skater Yuna Kim who lit the Olympic Torch.

The Olympic Truce is symbolized by the dove of peace and the Olympic flame in the background.

Greece always enters the arena first. The first Olympics was held in Greece

Snapple fact #1375 There have been three Olympic games held in countries that no longer exist.

Photographs were taken at the Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA training facility in 2012.

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