Thursday, January 11, 2018

January National Awareness

Saturday is the First Game of the National Football League Playoffs
Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons
Game Time 4:35 p.m.
You can watch it on NBC (National Broadcasting Company)
It is a Top 10 Recommendation if you do not
Have Tickets.
Everyone will be there
All 👀 on the 🦅


National Mentoring Month
We can all use a mentor from time to time.

National Oatmeal Month 
What? Oatmeal is good for wrinkles.

National Blood Donor Month

National Hot Tea Month
Green is a Go To but I like 'em All

National Hobby Month
Make the hobby a habit, if its a good one.

National Soup Month 
Mmm Mmm good. Soup is good food. 
no copyright infringement intended, just catchy commercials

National Slow Cooker Month
Big fan, pulled pork, roast beef, so many recipes online.

National Thank You Month
Thank You! 
International Creativity Month
Make It Happen

Thyroid Awareness Month

Jan. 11 Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Another Super Moon and blue moon will happen on Jan. 31 
plus a total lunar eclipse. 


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