Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ICYMI: LBI International Kite Festival

From a distance, the kites looked like UFO's, friendly ones that you might want to encounter up close.

The kite festival offered activities throughout the Columbus Day weekend in various locations. this year I only attended Thursday on the beach from Ship Bottom to Surf City. Parking was not too bad, I parked on the boulevard near Surf Buggy.

The only real trouble I could have run into was, I had no idea where Surf Buggy came in at the beach. So this green guy became my marker and perhaps my favorite kite of the day because of the aid he rendered in finding my car again. I'll follow the tail, I thought.

A heavy theme this year seemed to be dragons and I loved it! Daenerys Targaryen aka Mother of the Dragons from the Game of Thrones would have loved it too.

You could see the correlation of the sea and sky between two of the biggest masses we have on the planet as the diver navigated the clear blue sky. 

Team sports are always something fun to watch.  It is just fascinating to see how coordination and cooperation can produce such a beautiful sight. I present the beautiful sight and the team behind it. It looks like all fun and games until you try it.  It takes education and skill.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Canadians, they are fast! I will share my first attempt to photograph their kites and then show you the real power behind these supersonic machines. I only hope this special power does not translate when we play them next in hockey, eh? Fast.

I did not inquire, but I am sure you can buy your own dragon, you can buy anything if you have the money. Before you even consider it though, you need to know owning something so powerful means taking responsibility for it AND there are strings attached. It's a beauty to look at.

What I really liked about this kite was not only that it was the American flag, but will admit to a certain pride when I see the flag. I liked the guy inconspicuously that was sitting in the chair flying this symbol of the American flag. He wasn't flaunting it in anyone's face, he didn't take a knee. He was just flying the flag, the one thing that represents and unifies America. Let's not take that away or misconstrue.

Let's go fly a kite! and demonstrate with pride who we are and honor "our" flag.

This is the shape of your typical kite the one we are most accustomed to seeing but remember this is an International Kite Festival, people from all over.  These kites while uniform in design come in all types of brilliant colors, look closely they also are displaying an International symbolic expression we can all recognize, peace. I bet the majority of people's views are the same by design. We should look more closely at our similarities rather than our differences but recognize our differences can contribute to a better understanding of peace.

This was only the opening day of the festival, there were kite making activities, indoor flying, night kites and so much more. This year was the 3rd Annual LBI International Kite Festival. If you missed it, put it on your list of fun things to do next year. It's fun even for the big kids.

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