Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Shoot we have options

My daughter is studying photography and she sees and creates some amazing sights through the eye of the lens. She calls me “point and shoot” and I can accept that. I rarely use the manual setting. 
The word shoot almost every day is in the headlines and it is rarely used in a positive, hopeful, creative way.

One of my very favorite sayings:
If You Change the Way You Look At Things
the Things You Look at Change

We have options
Shooting stars
Point and shoot (photography)
Shoot for the moon
Photo Shoot
Shoot a film (you can even do that on the Phone now)
Shoot hoops, some are better than others that is why we have the NBA
Alternative to cussing, “Oh Shoot” comparable to “Oh My Gosh!”
Shoot, a new growth on a tree
Try, to“shoot for it” aim higher
It Is Your Turn to Shoot, here are a few good options
Shoot marbles, shoot craps, shoot pool, shoot for the basket, wastepaper baskets can fill in as target practice too.

Let's Take the Aim Away from People.

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