Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Feeling the Pain

Last week I was saddened to read the news that Marie Ronayne died suddenly on July 2nd.

She was the charge behind one the 5th grade classes of Nether Providence Elementary School in Y2K.

No one dared to question Mrs. Ronayne.

She was an ideas girl. always thinking strategy.

It was not unusual to see her sitting in support on the sidelines.

She was always pulling for her kids.

She was also a rules girl and you played fair.

She was not one of the popular teachers to wear the Miss Pockets surprise outfit at the May Fair. It was suspected she may have something up her sleeve.

If you had the privilege of taking that coming of age 5th Grade Field Trip to Williamsburg, you can thank Mrs. Ronayne. From what I understand she was behind its inception. If that is not true I know she ran it flawlessly during the time my children went.

I remember finding out who our 5th Grade Teacher was going to be and frankly we were quite scared. Other students would remark,you got pain, Ronayne the pain.

 She was tough and she was LOUD. I came to learn that 5th graders don't hear so well. You might have to turn up the volume.

I also remember the last day of school one of her kids came charging out of the school and fell to his knees in prayer. I survived the pain, he proclaimed. She smiled and told them to come back and visit. The first day of Middle School 7 out of  17 did come back and I was there to witness.

 Quite a tribute and a reinforcement of no pain, no gain.

For any of her former students, here is a link to her obit.
Reading it you will learn Mrs. Roynane received academic and mischief awards.
The latter will answer the question in why you never got away with anything in her class.

Thank you Mrs. Ronayne, you were a class act to watch.

Some of the characters she coached on to Middle School.

Her troops


She was on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, she was connected.

NPE 5th Grade Time Capsule
includes yearbook questionaire
drawings of what her students aspired to be as adults

Recommended by Mrs. Ronayne
in my safe keeping.

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