Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Historic Haddonfield N.J. Part II

Plague to Elizabeth Haddon, daughter of John Haddon who came solo to the English colony to claim 500 acres her father, a Quaker had purchased to escape religious persecution. Haddonfiled is named for her father who never set foot in the New World. Elizabeth is buried in the Quaker cemetery just beyond.

Friends School

Mechanic Street

Plague of the side wall of the white building, Gibbs Tavern and Smitty 1777.

Read the story of 18 year old Jonas Cattell at the Haddonfield Chapter of the DAR.

A plague sits on the middle building designating that it was a guard house to hold persons suspected of  aiding the enemy. It stands directly across from the Indian King Tavern.

Georg Washington Memorial Bicentennial Tree

Greenfield Hall, 1841 Haddonfield Historical Society
original home of  John Gill IV.

Sarah Hopkins House

Plague on the building behind Sarah Hopkins House

If you watched the Revolutionary Series "Turn" you know Simcoe was not depicted as a very nice person.

Haddon House

What a minute Haddonfield, isn't that the home of Hadrosaurus Foulkii?

Yes, in 1858, William Foulke discovered the first near complete skeleton of a dinosaur in a marl tar pit on John Hopkins farm. This would be me disappointed to find no remains there today.

However by following the tracks

I soon discovered

LOTS of dinosaur remains

The original remains of Hadrosaurus Foulkii are on permanent display at the Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University in Philadelphia.

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