Thursday, May 25, 2017

The World is Full of Nuts

The truth is there are a lot of nuts in this world and we have barely scratched the surface. 

A nut is a fruit.  Who knew that?  Go to the head of the blog class. 

Some of my favorite nuts.

Pecans are a favorite in salad and the glazed ones make me want to sing and dance.

Walnuts always looked like brains to me, so when I am feeling academically challenged, I have been known to pop a few.

Cashews I can do straight up or with a little salt added

Peanuts must have salt, plain peanuts are a thumbs down to me. If you crush them, add sugar, and poor chocolate over them, I will follow you anywhere.

Almond another salad favorite but also pairs well with string beans. Hershey Chocolate bar? Yes, please.

Pistachio is easily compared to the potato chip, you can't just eat one and then the whole bag is gone.  When you start cracking the unopened shells with your teeth, you have a problem.

Macadamia one of my very favorites, but I rarely get them because of the cost.  If I lived in Hawaii or Australia where they are produced, I fear I would be completely nuts for I would eat them all the time.

Pine Nuts are great in salads and pretty good on their own, but so small. I need a bigger bag.

Pumpkin Seeds are little and green, this confuses me. Aren't they bigger and white when carving the Jack O'lantern? 
Pepitas (Spanish) are pumpkin seeds after they have been shelled, salted and roasted and green. I had my first pepitas on sour dough bread with zucchini, tomato and Parmesan cheese in a coffee shop in Denton, Texas recently. good stuff. I will also show the pepitas and avocado, I debated getting this one.

Sunflowers seeds are also a popular addition to salads and straight up, too much salt is not suppose to be good for you but I confess, I need the salt on these for taste.

You can read all about nuts as fruits at Wikipedia.
It seems I am most attracted to the drupe family.
You know what they say, you are what you eat.

My question: What is the difference between nuts and seeds?
There must be an app for that.
No, but there is a website.

I now have to inform everyone that peanuts are not nuts, they are legumes.
I am really confused now.
When did life get so complicated?
Aw nuts!

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