Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 23 Taffy Day

Today is Taffy Day!

I may be dating myself here but ...Do you remember getting a taffy at the bank when you were little?  I was one of those kids that displayed my best behavior and smiled at the teller at the bank so I would be offered a taffy. What has replaced those days? Where has the taffy gone?

Salt Water Taffy

Turkish Taffy

Large Rainbow Taffy

Heart Shaped Taffy on Valentine Cards

Sugar Daddy Taffy

Taffy Strips

Favorite Flavor has to be cherry but I never declined a yellow or green or orange or root beer one.

The forgotten taffy, I am sure I have missed one, feel free to indulge and bring back the taffy to the banks. At least you would feel you are getting some kind of interest for your money.

Let's start a "Bring Back the Taffy Campaign", it may not solve all the world's problems but the behavior modification worked for me and it is worth a try.

They had taffies at the Citizen Bank I saw them BUT I was not offered one.

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