Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I HATED the ACME Monoploy GAME..Unitl Today!

NO I am NOT a WINNER per se and I can accept that.

The cashier will always ask, Are you playing the Monopoly Game? I might add, enthusiasm is lost in the translation.

I am a gamer and I will try "almost" anything "once". I believe I have been playing the Monopoly Game at Acme since its inception.

It has been a few years now that I have come close to winning my dream vacation home at the beach. I have also bore witness to that home being listed on the market and sold.

Several times, I have been one ticket away from the "BIG" prize.

My complaints lie in not the monopolizing of my time.  I choose to rip open those tickets, discard the perforated ends and open up the possible answer to acquiring my happy place. I'll do it while I am watching FAKE NEWS. Perhaps that is the problem and I should mix it up.

Finding that number followed by letter on the board can be a challenge, I only like the 8's X Y and Z they are simple to find and no rotation of the board is necessary.

Free additional tickets are okay because it gives you another glimmer of hope, maybe I will win next time.

The coupons are cool and maybe with 50 cents off I will try the Pirate Puffs, normally I would nit even give the a second glance.

The FREE donuts or bagel has intrigued me.  Granted I know donuts and bagels are not on the best foods list but every thing in moderation right,  It is not a monopoly on the market.

Here was what I was able to monopolize on at my last visit to the Acme Market.

Signature Facial Tissues 
Signature Waffles
Signature Sandwich Bags 
2 Donuts
2 Everything Bagels

Final Cost $0
and a little of my time

The game runs until the end of May and I look forward to a chance to purchase that dream summer home or perhaps I'll enjoy another everything bagel.

Note: I am not trying to promote any contests or business just expressing life through my own experience. I try to be a gamer and accept life's little victories when they come along with the vision that doesn't happen every day.

After the donuts and everything bagel are gone, I just want to say, what's up with the having to check additional tickets on line.  It gets exhausting and it's a full time job! At least, I am not working for peanuts I suppose. A win is a win and free is free.

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