Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dressing for the Derby May 6

Derby Dressings

One of the first things that comes to mind when envisioning the upcoming Kentucky Derby is the run for the roses in the greatest two minutes in sports, the horse race. Next you have to think hats. If I go what shall I wear?

Queen Elizabeth II an avid horse racing fan and thoroughbred breeder attended the Kentucky Derby in 2007. The hat she wore is pictured below. It is pretty, proper and fit for a queen.

Many other trophy worthy hats are showcased in the Kentucky Derby Museum. Each year submissions are made and judges select new hats for display in the museum and visitors are able to make a selection towards the People's Choice Award. Dressing up on Derby Day has been a tradition since the inception of the race in 1875.

How could the Colonel and Kentucky Friend Chicken not be a winner?! 🖒

If you forget to bring a bonnet, there are plenty to select from in the museum store including

fascinators for the females and bowlers for the boys.

Churchill Downs is the place to bring your hat on the "hat holiday" the first Saturday in May, at the Kentucky Derby.

A dress wore by a crowned Queen of the Kentucky Derby Festival.

A dress decorated with ribbons and pins from past 
Kentucky Derby's.

But of course I brought a bonnet with me, a self creation made with roses, perhaps not a winner but always a contender.


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