Thursday, April 27, 2017

Upcoming 32nd Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees.April 29 on HBO

I wrote this before the sold out 32nd Rock and Roll all of  Fame  on April 7, now it is time to see if any of my predictions materialized. Here is what I wrote and you can see this event at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 29 on HBO.  I will be putting this in my phone to remind me to watch in case I can't call it up OnDemand. Times have certainly changed from just the times those familiar with this music can say, I remember was the best.

ELO Electric Light Orchestra Evil Woman was a favorite.  We (women) all are not all evil, men make us that way. We women do like to dance to this song. I did look ahead on YouTube to see who introduced. I was curious.

Joan Baez Diamonds and Rust has to be my favorite song of hers.  Well I'll be damn, here comes your ghost again.....about the original vagabond. I wonder if he will be watching in support or will possibly attend. I learned to appreciate Joan Baez years later.  She is quite an amazing woman.  I get it now. She should have been inducted a long time ago.

Journey Faithfully or Don't Stop Believing or Oh Sherrie or Foolish Heart or Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin or Open Arms or Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) or Who's Crying Now or Wheel in the Sky or Anyway You Want It   ......Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda (click for an interesting comparison)  I LOVE Steve Perry's voice but if you check out YouTube Arnel Pineda has just as strong a set of pipes and his background story is one to inspire. I'd love to see them both share the success. My personal preference would be Foolish Heart although Faithfully is a powerful song as well.

Pearl Jam all I can say about this one is I was never that familiar with Pearl Jam until Eddie Vedder appeared on stage as a surprise at a R.E.M. show at the Mann Music Center in 2008. Vedder introduce R.E.M. into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I hope Michael Stipe returns the honor. Can't Find a Better Man.

Tupac Shakur I can not fairly speak to Tupac's music it was just not my style but I know my children listened to him in their teen years. Whenever I heard something that I found to be offensive I became the parent and suggested the volume be turned down.  When the weather started to become warmer and windows were open I might hear, in my opinion, a racist word or an unbecoming description of a female. I would run around and close all the windows in the house. My parents tolerated my music when I was growing up so I never restricted my children from their various tastes in music. They saw something in this music I did not.  It could very well be a generational thing. Tupac's drive by shooting death was tragic. He was by far an interesting character with a notorious background. I am wondering if Jada Pinkett Smith a close friend will induct him.

YES is the music I played incessantly in the seventies, my parents probably had their fill.  With the exception of Dave Mason, I saw Yes in concert more times than any other group, with and without Rick Wakeman.  I have even seen Rick Wakeman on his own in concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  He had a superman cape on and sneakers. I am looking forward to the HBO replay and reading about the ceremony in anticipation of what will be shown on April 29th.

*Award for Musical Excellence Niles Rodgers. He was not a household name to me but when I read his bio on Wikipedia I thought WOW! I had to admit my ignorance. If you don't know the name, check him out, you most certainly have heard his work. I have sen Niles Rodgers on commercials recently.

The Simulcast Party was SOLD OUT but if you can be patient and you have HBO, you can catch it on April 29 AT 8 p.m.

Special guests this year include: Neil Young due to illness was replaced by David Letterman (inducting Pearl Jam), humph I had a better idea. Jackson Browne (inducting Joan Baez), I am still holding out for BD, and Gaddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush (inducting YES). I should be announcing YES. I 💓LOVED them. Additional guests will be announced in the future. I have not gotten the call yet. If they call I will say YES!!!

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