Friday, April 14, 2017

Mountain Stage on the Radio April 16

This Mountain Stage performance was recorded LIVE March 5th in Charleston, West Virginia.
  I was there!
You can hear these fabulous artists on WXPN-FM 88.5 Sunday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

It is a great show that I highly recommend.
I have added links from YouTube to give you a taste of the talent.

Larry Groce at the microphone, along with the following listed accomplished musicians demonstrated his talented singing voice. He is co-founder of Mountain Stage, a two hour live music performance heard on the radio.

Vocalist Julie Adams to the right and Assistant Joni Deutsch to the left.

Mountain Stage house band

Beth Hart was amazing, her most heart-wrenching song was.... You Belong to Me on YouTube. 
Caught Out in the Rain is compelling as well.

 Judith Owen feat Leland Sklar and Pedro Segundo sang a fun but factual song about technology and texting., "Send Me A Line". A compulsion "most"of us share, sent a text and expect an instant reply or worry, did I send something I shouldn't have?

As if Judith Owen wasn't a gem to see in person...look at Leland Sklar's resume.....amazing, we have all heard his bass before. More Than This on YouTube.

Don Dixon not only a producer of many artists, he too possess and incredible talent and he reminded me of one of my favorite performers, Dave Mason.  I was later to learn he will be performing with Dave Mason later this year, what a class act and show that will be. He as joined on stage with his wife Marti Jones, also a very talented vocalist.

Pink Martini performed saucy songs in French and Spanish and taught the audience a little French to sing along. They are a diverse combination of talented musicians.  It appear each one had additional talent besides their own expertise and easily fit into the role of supporting their fellow band mates.

Stage Right band members with the fabulous China Forbes. Listen to her sing Hey Eugene, a fun song she wrote.

Stage left band members, includes founder Thomas Lauderdale on piano. He reminded me of Elton John and the guy behind him looked like Michael Stipe of R.E.M.

All the musicians gathered on stage with the exception of Judith Owens for a final performance of Unchain My Heart.  It was fabulous, tune in Sunday Night, WXPN-FM 88.5 6 - 8 p.m. to hear the entire concert. Lend them your ears, you will be glad you did. They will not disappoint in return.

Special thanks to Bob and Linda, our friends in West Virginia for tuning us in and introducing us to Mountain Stage.

We are now fans. 



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