Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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Delaware County Trout Stocking Schedule

🐟 Who knew the PA Fish and Boat Commission stocks the streams with trout? I just missed the anglers carrying the buckets of fish down to the stream. It was like watching Santa Claus coming to town. No one knows how it happens but it happens. Some of the creeks in Delaware County were stocked yesterday, April 25. It was fun to catch them in action. 

In PA a fishing license is required for anyone 16 and older
Resident annual license is $21 ($22.90 with fees)$9.90 with fees
Non-resident annual $51 ($52.90 with fees)
Senior resident annual $10 ($11.90 with fees)
Trout permits $8 ($9.90 with fees)

Multi-year licenses can also be purchased.

Check out the education programs provided by the PA Fish and Boat Commission.

Other places to fish in the area with kids:  

Linvilla Orchard Lake is open on weekends, look for special upcoming derby events.

Newlin Grist Mill Pond has an interesting option on their website, you have to keep what you catch but if you don't like to eat trout you can donate it to feed an osprey or an eagle. Read more about Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research.  I would call first to make sure they are still taking donations.

Newlin Grist Mill also has stream fishing for licensed fly fishing for a fee.

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