Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 15 to April 23 National Park Week

I remember listening to an interview with former Secretary of the Interior Jewell during the 100th Anniversary of National Parks. She was asked, which is your favorite park and her answer was, I love all my children equally. Was it a political, maternal, a sign of great leadership answer? I think it was simply an honest answer.  How could you possibly judge, with all the different gems our National Parks have to offer. I am going to share the ones I have had the pleasure of visiting.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Yosemite, California

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

Mesa Verde, Colorado

Rocky Mountain, Colorado

Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina - Tennessee

Shenandoah, Virginia

Wind Cave, South Dakota

Grand Teton, Wyoming

I đź’— Them All
but unlike Secretary Jewell
last but not least 

Yellowstone is my favorite.

April 23, dozens of parks, including Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Shenandoah National Park, Capulin Volcano National Monument, Tumacácori National Historical Park, Prince William Forest Park, Hot Springs National Park, and park partners will host activities that include hikes, health screenings, yoga, and volleyball.

Highly Recommended

GET a PASS: Passes Available: Senior Pass Seniors 62 and older $10 for a lifetime pass that can include discounts on certain activities. Military Pass free annual pass to military personnel. Volunteer Pass free, Access Pass free for persons with permanent disabilities, Annual 4th Grade Pass, free valid for one year, Annual Pass $80 Each annual pass can have two owners, according to can order a pass online for an additional processing fee or get one at the link locations.

GET a PASSPORT Book. You can get it stamped/cancelled at these locations as a remembrance. Last year at the Philadelphia Flower Show, honoring the 1 n't forget to add your address and phone number in the book, in case you leave it behind. Only once did I do this, the other time I lost it in my house.  They also have a new kid's edition with activities and games, if only I had waited to get mine. They are fun to have and to go around and get stamped. I got mine at Devil's Tower, the First National Monument.

Learn about the Federal Duck Stamp Contest and how and why to buy Duck Stamps and Jr. Duck Stamps.

Find an Event at a Park Near You or Find a Park you want to be near.

Kids can become a Jr. Ranger, as a soon to be senior I gruff at this idea but the $10 lifetime fee for seniors is an absolute perk I look forward to in the future. The Jr. Ranger Program looks like so much fun, I am also looking forward to when I have some juniors in the family to share the National Park treasures with. Check out the ages 6 - 12 Jr. Ranger Activity Guide.

Ranger led tours for all Ages! MY favorite to date was with Dave at Mesa Verde.

This gentleman at the Lincoln Memorial was also very good. Look for signs of ranger led tours, you will learn a lot.

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