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White House China Patterns

White House China Patterns Through the Years

This week I have featured many of the First Ladies and their fashions.

Today I offer a glimpse into how they dressed their tables.

On Display at the American History Smithsonian 

Martha Washington

George Washington purchased the china from the comte de Moustier, 
the French minister to the United States.
George Washington purchased the china from the comte de Moustier, 
the French minister to the United States.

Abigail Adams
John and Abigail purchased this china while he was a minister to France.

Dolley Madison

The Madison serving set was made by Nast.
The Philadelphia Museum of Art has a piece in their collection.
(it may not be on display)

Elizabeth Monroe

The French firm Dagoty-Honore' made the Monroe china.

Louisa Adams 

Purchased from duca di Mondragone while J. Q. Adams was a minister to Russia.

Sarah Polk

Dagoty-Honore' of France made the Polk pieces. The various design on the dessert plates were said to represent the flowers of the states.

Mary Todd Lincoln

The American firm E. V. Haughwout decorated the French porcelain with the fashionable "solferino" and the United States coat of arms.The crystal was manufactured by Dorflinger Glass Company of Brooklyn, New York.

Julia Grant

Haviland and Company supplied the Grant, French porcelain china.

Lucy Hayes

The Hayes Administration seems to be a very interesting time in style and has invoked an interest in me to read more about Lucy Hayes.  She was very sympathetic to the anti-slavery movement, cared for injured civil war soldiers and after her time in the White House was nicknamed "Lemonade Lucy".  She was a popular host but served alcohol only once at the first official state dinner.  After that, it was a dry White House.Her selection in china serves as the most colorful stand out in originality. The oyster plate is beautiful as are all the others.

Caroline Harrison 

The Harrison china was made in France by Tressemann and Vogt. Caroline Harrison a skilled china painter designed the corn and golden rod design.

Edith Roosevelt

Edith Roosevelt chose a Wedgewood design.  It was the first to incorporate the great seal of the United States.

Edith Wilson

Edith Wilson chose Lenox.  It was the first set of china Made in the United States

Eleanor Roosevelt 

Eleanor Roosevelt also chose a Lenox design. The star border reflects her husband's role as Secretary of the Navy.

Bess Truman

Bess Truman also had a Lenox pattern and it was starting to make a trend.

Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird went with Castleton designed by Tiffany and Company.

Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan ordered 4,370 pieces of Lenox china, enough place settings of 19 pieces for 220 people.  Can you hear her husband's voice? Well Nancy, if that's what you want.

The only other thing I am going to say about Nancy Reagan is look at these chocolate molds. I wish I have been invited. This was on display at the White House Museum.

Hillary Clinton

The Hillary Clinton design by Lenox commemorated the 200th Anniversary of the White House and included architectural designs in the building.

Laura Bush

Laura Bush also went with a Lenox, the green interior border was chosen for its compatibility with table linens and floral arrangements.

There could be an official list somewhere but I came across this one on Wikipedia and it list all the chins patterns used by the United States First Ladies while their husbands served as President of the United States. It is titled "White House China".

March is National Women's History Month

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