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Saint Robert's Alumni Mass at SKD and Future Events Meeting

April 1 St. Robert Alumni Mass 4 p.m. at Saint Katherine Drexel. A small social will take place in the auditorium after mass to discuss future events to support the parish. If you plan on attending please bring any type of canned goods (fruit, vegetables, soups, etc.), baby diapers, baby formula, or any other non-perishable goods with you to drop off prior to or after mass in the Gym it would be GREATLY appreciated.

The All Class Reunion Fundraiser in October was a huge success as all in attendance can attest. The school was open for tours followed by mass and a dinner was held at Neumann University after.

On Saturday, as far as I know, the school will not be available for tours but I can offer you a small glimpse into the past and what the school looks like now.

Saint Robert's Trivia

The land the church and school are built upon were donated 
by John and Peter Nolan.

The corner stone of the church was first placed October 13, 1940.

The architectural style of the church is English Gothic of the 15th Century. The architects were Gleeson and Mulrooney.

Saint Robert was born at Aurillac, Auvergne about 1000 A.D. he was a monk and founded a monastery. His body was preserved in Abbey of Chaise-Dieu until religious wars when it was burned by Huguenots. His work was destroyed during the French Revolution but in the 1940's the Church, cloister and tomb of Pope Clement VI, a former monk remained. Through the power of the Internet and a little divine intervention, I just Googled it and added a link if you wish to look into it further. The location and buildings are still there.

The stained glass windows in the church were designed and made by P.J. Reeves Studio located in 1941 at 6136-38 Cedar Avenue in Philadelphia.

The altars of the church, mosaic, terrazzo, tile and marble were by Belfi Bros. Co. Inc. then located at 4310-16 Josephine Street in Philadelphia.

The organ was built by M. P. Moller, Inc. in Hagerstown, MD. During my singing career in the school choir, a requirement, Mrs. McKay was the organist.

The curtains and stage equipment in the school auditorium were installed by
 I. Weiss and Sons, Inc. of 45th Street in NYC.

Before the building project was completed, Sunday and Holy Days Masses were held at the Good Will Fire Company when it was located at 15th and Providence. The mass was held on the second floor. Daily Mass was held at the leased rectory located at 19th and Providence.

The first wedding was John F. Honan and Mary P. Larkin and the first baptism was William Curry Jr. son of William Curry and Marie Kennedy.

Of course some of the details in my list may no longer be accurate, through reconstruction and updates, but original is original. The parish is now under the guiding light namesake of Saint Katherine Drexel an excellent role model and choice for the joining together all the Catholic Churches in Chester. The Drexel Neuman Academy also leaves one to believe the combination is a great fit.

It is also my belief that through a very special visit from Mother Teresa, in the 90's, additional light shines down on the church and school.

The above information and a few photos in the slideshow were obtained from the booklet

Dedication of Saint Robert's Church
Sunday, May 18, 1941.
Printed by Grieco Miller Press
131 E. Seventh Street
Chester, PA

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