Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Memo to March - Take a Hike on Chester Creek Trail

I know how unpredictable the month of March can be and I know what the ground hog said but...

The name of the Nor'easter

This was February at the Chester Creek Rail Trail

Walking, Jogging, Biking and Birding with Families and Fido. Yes, this was February!

It was my first visit to the Chester Creek Rail to Trail that opened from what I have read in December.  It took about 10 minutes for me to fall in love with the area. Starting at the Lenni end, is a beautiful vision. peeking into the quaint and to me has always been a mysterious town. There are many businesses tucked into that community as well as a VFW club and a bakery just up the road from the entrance at on end of the paved path.The barn visible in the picture below is well maintained and a focal point across the Chester Creek.

What really got me less than 10 minutes into my trek, I spotted a hint of blue flit along the creek and then I heard that familiar sound I have been chasing for years.  My favorite feather friend and a bonus, there were two of them.  If you have never seen a Belted Kingfisher, apparently you are in luck at the Chester Creek Rail Trail. They look like a blue Woody Woodpecker to me.  See what you think. They are quick and almost impossible to photograph, for me anyway, so I was delighted!

Flit of blue

see one

then see two

Tree roots looked as if they were exposing their roots and sinking their toes into this gorgeous day.

Follow the muddy trail with your eyes and discover, creatures have made this area home for a long time.  Respect their boundaries.

I spied two clubhouses along the route, there could be more.

 Most of us have driven by King's Mill on Pennell Road in Aston, maybe have even attended a function there. It has a most intriguing past that you can read about at the Kings Mill website. How old is the "Old Forge"? On the trail you get to see another side of this historic building and the importance of preservation. It can tell a story for generations to come.

The rock formations along the pathway stand out just as prominently as the man made constructions.

Remnants of the Rail

A lot of thought and a lot of work went into this venture and it shows in the details.

Spring, it's out there, we just have to be patient.

The Chester Creek Rail Trail is now one of my favorite places to go.
The only problem I foresee is parking, as of now there are two locations and at 9:30 a.m. the were already full.

249 Knowlton Road
426-446 Lenni Road 
Mt. Alverno Road lot looks unofficial but there are lots of cars there too.

After I wrote this, I found the Facebook page with the kudos and complaints.
I too thought parking was a problem.
I did not see any misplaced dog matter.
I did think port a potties would be a perk, but if people aren't cleaning up after their pups !?!?
You just have to walk faster.
Benches too would be a bonus, but if I sat down I would never want to get back up.
One thing every one can unite on, getting back to nature is a mood elevator.

In 2.8 Miles, you can accumulate a lot of good vibes and endorphins.

It is a happy place. Don't we all need an appreciation and more of those.

 I realized I was a complainer without seeing all other sides and appreciating all the hard work and time that went into this trail

Thank you to all those that made this possible in the community.
It looks like it was a need fulfilled.

You can follow the Chester Creek Trail on Facebook but it is much better in person. Facebook is a good source to keep up with the news of the trail.

It's not spring yet, we still have to follow the hoops!

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