Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sights Strolling Ridley Creek State Park

You can easily take a casual walk in the park on the trail at Ridley Creek State Park 
but why not take it all in.

Not even out of the car yet and I spotted a Great Blue Heron listed as a "spring" visitor at the dcnr.statepa Common Birds of Ridley Creek State Park. He will pose for pictures but doesn't stick around too long if you invade his turf.

Fishing Year Round, perhaps this is why the heron hangs out.
Do you think he obeys the catch and release rules? 
There is always one.

National Register of Historic Places

This is a 20th Century improvement, a fishing platform for the handicapped. After breaking my foot recently and suffering a temporary setback I have become more aware of things we are all capable of and things some of us are not. It is my humble opinion that we all suffer some sort of handicap whether it be physical or mental. Just look at one of our senses, the sense of sight. You can be near sighted, far sighted, blind sighted, an oversight, under-sighted, clear-sighted, foggy all could be a physical or mental handicapped.  If only more "platforms" around the world had this enhancement for human nature.

If you would like to investigate the historical value more, You can reference a thesis online Preservation in Ridley Creek State Park: Documentation of the Historic Farmsteads by Jeffrey Bar in which a detailed description is given on the buildings in the park.

Rock balancing

Can you find my contribution?

Busy Beaver

Workings of the Woodpecker

Remain on your best behavior, nature is watching you!

There is a reason to preserve the environment and to have places in the world like this to enjoy.
It's peaceful. We need peace.

Link to map of Ridley Creek State Park

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