Thursday, February 9, 2017

Decision 2017 Resolutions

Did you make or break your resolution yet? I waited a while to let the dust settle before I made mine and I now have a list.

Friends don't let friends talk politics.

Eat what makes you happy just not the "whole" thing. Share.

There is a high percentage chance I will change my tune after the Super Bowl Weekend calories show up on the scale.

Keep in touch with old friends, Face to Face time beats Facebook 100% of the time. Facetime can bridge the distance gap.

Double check or edit before you send, I am the worst admittedly so. Who is that jokester inside the phone and what makes "him" so auto correct?

Enjoy the great outdoors.

Don't just pass by, notice.

Let yourself have fun every once in a while.

Find your fun, it's out there.

Pay it forward, do something kind for someone without them asking or expecting anything in return,

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