Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Takes Washington, Jan. 20, 2017

Blair House

St. John's

The elephant is in the room.

It's the year of the elephant in America. Let's be hopeful and see what it brings.

The Inauguration will take place at the Capitol Building at noon..

International press were already here this past Monday.
The world will be watching.

Below : Viewing Stand at the White House for the Inauguration Day Parade.

Below: Photograph from the White House Collection showing the viewing stand at a previous Inauguration Day.

Almost mid-point between the Capitol and the White House
you will find
Trump International at the corner of 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I guess it can be said by hook or by crook Mr. Trump would be taking up residence on Pennsylvania Avenue. 
Below: The Presidential Ballroom is straight ahead.

One can't help but admit, he has style.  It is beautiful inside.
 Below: The Lobby.

Viewing stands along Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the National Archives.  Inauguration Day 2017 a day that will be placed in the history books.

Washington welcomes our new President of the United States

Donald Trump

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