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Top 10 Holiday For The Man That Would Be King

1. Martin Luther King was born on January 15th, 1929. He would have been 83 years old in 2012, 88 in 2017. His birthday is celebrated every year on the third Monday in January. This year, we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 16th. It is a United States federal holiday.

2. The Martin Luther King Commemorative Mural that resides at 1616 West Second Street in Chester, PA near the Calvary Baptist Church. was dedicated on June 20, 2009. Paul Downie lead artist along with community volunteers painted it at Widener University on Martin Luther King Day 2009. The project was lead by the MLK Commemorative Committee of Chester and Vicinity, Calvary Baptist Church, and the Community Arts Center in Wallingford, PA.

3. Stevie Wonder was one of the main figures in the campaign to have the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. become a national holiday. His song Happy Birthday was used to promote the campaign. Wonder was the headliner at the first official commemoration concert in 1986 and also performed October 16, 2011 at the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, D. C.


4. Martin Luther King Jr had very definitive ties to the city of Chester and it's community. During the three years he attended the seminary school in Upland, he was associated with the First Calvary Church in Chester through Pastor Rev. Barbour a former student and mentor at the Crozer Theological Seminary. Pastor Barbour would allow the students to preach and he would critique them. Martin Luther King was also a Sunday school teacher there.

5. The Crozer Theological Seminary was a multi-denominational religious institution located in Upland, Pennsylvania.  The schools most famous student was Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. He graduated in 1951 with a Bachelor of Divinity degree.

6. Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Nobel Peace Prize lecture and “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” are among the most revered orations and writings in the English language. There is a link on YouTube US National Archives March on Washington. you can view the speech in full.  It is powerful.  The speech was made August 28, 1963 at the March on Washington on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The 1963 march was an important part of the rapidly expanding Civil Rights Movement. It also marked the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln. Singer, songwriter Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and gospel singer Mahalia Jackson were on hand to lend their support.  Charlton Heston, Marlon Brando, Harry Belefonte and Sidney Poitier were also in attendance.

7. King spoke in an interview of hearing Howard University President, Mordecai Johnson speak in Philadelphia after returning from a visit to India and seeing Gandhi. This engagement prompted him to go and purchase several books on Gandhi and Gandhian technique and the power of passive and non-violent resistance.

8. Dr. Martin Luther King was the youngest person at 35 years of age to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He was just 39 years old when he was assassinated.  The National Martin Luther King Day of Service began in 1996. Since 1996, the annual Greater Philadelphia King Day of Service has been the largest event in the nation honoring Dr. King.

9. The King Center Imaging Project goes live today. It will contain thousands of never seen before documents. Today January 16th, 2012 a wreath lying ceremony will take place at the Washington D.C. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial to honor his birthday. The event is free and open to the public.

10. In 2010, the city of Chester unveiled a bronze bust of Dr. King.  It is located in an open air park at 6th and Engle Streets. The five foot statue was created by renowned sculptor Zenos Frudakis at his Glenside studio.  The eyes are deep and intense, a true likeness.

Martin Luther King JR. made huge strides in this country against social and civil injustice but we still have a  long road to go, hopefully someday "we shall overcome".

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