Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ten reasons we have the love hate relationship with January

Most of the United States is colder than most of the United States likes it.

Credit card bills from Christmas come in.

Gas and or electric bills tend to be higher (I am imagining the Griswold's of National Lampoon fame, if I want to make myself feel better.+).

Bid adieu to 2016, some are glad that's over with. Try not to look back, if you do, just remember the good times.

Days seem to be dark and dank, sunshine is a rare phenomenon. If we get it, skip your vitamin D that day and get out and enjoy! Just bundle up in most cases.

We are getting a new POTUS. Some will be happy, others sad but the facts are, four more years. Moaning about it won't change anything, you might as well accept if unable to embrace.

Getting organized

Soup and stews

Indoor sports

Catch up on reading and being cozy.

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