Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Saturday's Snow Patrol at Heinz NWR

Authorized Bird Greeter, or the first one that flew into my path.

 the cardinal.

 The fruits of life are there for the taking

 Indulge sparingly, for the winter has just begun.

The Weed Warriors may not agree with me but ..

the phragmites look friendly dusted in snow. Visions of powdered sugar plums dance through my head.

Is that? Are they?

Other civilians out enjoying a beautiful, blustery day.

Singing, bike guy always gets a pass.

He has carved out that trail, his dog buddy stayed in 
for this weather. He went by so fast, I couldn't name that tune.

Birders come out in all kinds of weather. They sprung out of a car!

I now call them the bold, the beautiful and the brilliant. It might have been a tour. The car said volunteer.

I was on a mission. I wanted to find the King. I know what they sound like, maybe they are not specifically whistling at me, but they know how to get my attention and flit off into the woods.

Once again, he managed to elude me and I "wooden" spot him.

Or did I? I see blue.

I probably cannot officially add this to my 2017 Bird Count. I don't know where the Heinz kingfisher hangs out, everyone else seems to, but I know where to find my KF buddy on LBI. I can wait.

This bird, the white-throated sparrow was so patient with me.

He sat on that branch the longest time, I hope he wasn't frozen, waiting for me.

Approaching what I call geese alley...

This Canadian Goose was just as startled as I, to discover we were crossing paths. No road rage just a lot of squawking from both beaks.

It was the first time ever, I spotted more humans than birds at the refuge.  Word must be getting out, it is a cool place to go, year round. There is always something different to see.

I did spot cardinal, nuthatch, sparrow, junco, mallard, chickadee and Canadian geese a plenty.

Many of the regulars seemed to be hard to spot, maybe they simply had...

Gone Fishin 

 Heinz still continues to be one of my favorite Happy Places even in stormy weather. 

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