Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Anniversary Year Events

Not everyone will remember these events but some of us will remember like it was yesterday.

Feb. Dolly the sheep was cloned 20 Years ago. Read about Dolly at the link, because I know you are curious.

Mar. Charles Lindbergh Jr. abducted and murdered 85 Years ago.

Jul. Amelia Earhart disappeared 80 Years. It seems there is periodically more clues but never resolved.

Aug. Marilyn Monroe 50 Years since her death. Iconic Marilyn Monroe has a website.

Aug. Elvis Presley 40 Years since his death. People still flock to Graceland on his birthday Jan. 8. Elvis would have been 82 this year.

Sep. Israel Olympic Team killed 45 years. The first frightening act of terrorism in my recollection. It was scary and horrible.

Oct. Shah of Iran coronation 50 Years. In 1979, the Shah of Iran was deposed and then came the Ayatollah.

Dec. First Human Heart Transplant 50 years ago took place in Cape Town, South Africa.

Aug. Princess Diana death 20 years ago in Paris.

The Philadelphia Spectrum if it lasted would have turned 50.  
The Spectrum opened in the fall of 1967and succumbed to the wrecking ball in 2009. Thanks for all the great memories, the concerts, the games, the winning seasons, the circus, the ice capades, Freedom, Phantoms, Flyers, Sixers, Soul.

Sadly, she didn't make it. Compare ticket prices 40 years ago. What a time warp. I now belong to the generation that can easily say..when I was your age tickets were only...........

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