Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Examples of Fuzzy Math

Mileage may vary.

Buy two get one free or buy one get one. Must be a golden ratio.

I always scratch my head at the toilet paper aisle, 6 rolls double ply is like 24 rolls single ply. It just never adds up to me. Just give me one that works. It must be distributive property. Have you seen the ones that say 6 = 8.  How can you explain this simple math to your kids in real life terms? Don't use toilet paper as an example.

Insurance statements: Hypothetical- x-ray XXX (Provider's Charge) X (Non-billable, the difference between the provider's charge and our allowance) XX Plan allowance (covered charges) X (your deductible-the allowance for this service has been applied to the dollar deductible amount required under the patient's coverage) and then there is amount "Out of pocket" limit that if you are lucky and not really sick you never meet. To keep this amount low you have to take a chance and pay higher premiums. Inductive reasoning ?

Forever stamps were to be 49 cents forever for a first class letter, they decrease to 47 cents.  When has there been a decrease in government spending?  That has not happen in like forever.

Buy more to pay less, example shampoo. I do not need a gallon of shampoo, we are both getting older now and some of the hair is falling out. Would this be a paradox?

Heath care premiums, now that's a colorful calculation. Start with pick a color any color gold, silver, bronze,now take it down a level and pick how much you are willing to wager, then deduct how much you want to pay to say healthy. Probability theory.

Compare the unit price to see if you are really getting a deal. How do they come up with that complex dynamic?

MSRP and then add taxes, tags, warranty, insurance, gas. How much is a horse?

Cable bills with a one to two year deal after that you are paying "Premium Price" for 500 channels you never even watch!!

Our way of saying thank you!

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