Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Things I Have Learned from a Broken Foot

Concentrate on the things you can accomplish.

There are people worse off than you.

People with noticeable physical disabilities are not hard of hearing, no need to talk louder to them.

It should be a requirement for anyone that works for ADA to have some form of handicap so they understand.

People with disabilities are still limited in where they are able travel in public.

The first thing you look for if you have a walking handicap is a ramp and a railing or a pole to grab on to for security and balance. Many times they are not in sight or readily available. Be someone to lean on.

Don't assume if someone doesn't call to offer help they wont help. Most people are glad to help.  They are just busy in their own life and don't realize, you could use a hand or extra foot in the door.

I hope I don't offend anyone with potty talk, but tall toilets are a beautiful thing.

People aren't necessarily rude when thy squeeze by you and cut you off when you are struggling with crutches. It does seem as if they are taking advantage but the truth is they just need a mindfulness class.

People that ride/drive motorized vehicles have the upper hand, they will back into you and run right over you if given a chance. I'm guessing they feel they have earned it in this dog eat dog world.  Just  don't cross 'em and give them plenty of room. Manual wheel chairs are amateurs with these people. It is a whole underworld culture I was introduced too. Powerful people.

I have also learned to take better care of my entire body and have learned the importance of all the parts working together. Taking just one vital thing away, can knock you off your feet.  Maybe we all need that lesson once in a while to appreciate just what we have.

Recovery begins with one foot in front of the other, always moving forward.
Setbacks happen, just begin again.

Of course, I would never wish injury or disease on anyone ever but a little dose of appreciation and awareness can go a long way.

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