Thursday, November 3, 2016

Party at Penn's Pennsbury Manor


Alternative to the previous day's witch hunt, at Pennsbury Manor over the weekend, you could..............

Go for a safe hay ride around the meadow, seat belts not required.

Observe, just as many princess costumes 
as there were witches, a balanced society.

There were games galore including witch hat toss

Pumpkin bowling with mummy pins 

and more primitive colonial day games, that got the kids outside enjoying the blessings of a beautiful day.

Security "who ya gonna call" was out in force, 
yet blended into the crowd.

Safe treats were offered to those with food allergies, as designated by the teal pumpkin.

Fresh apple cider! 

 How did they do that?

It was produce by the fruits of labor, I am not sure how the child labor laws were enforced back in 1684 but I must report, on this day back in 2016, they were looking for children to do the work and kids were eager to step up and do the job.

 It was common knowledge, if you did the crime,
 you had to do the time.

 A common crime this time of year? 

Guilty of this crime say "I"

Scarecrow tactics were used as a scavenger hunt.

Robert Brandingham

Captain William Kidd

Margaret Mattson


Events continued throughout the afternoon, with plenty of time to find something to float your boat.

It was a peaceful day. It's the Quaker way.

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