Friday, October 21, 2016

Highlights of the 1696 Thomas Massey Colonial Harvest

 The National Register Historic 1696 Thomas Massey House is located on Lawrence Road in Broomall, PA.

In case you missed it, the Colonial Harvest  was held on October 15, 2016.

 Children embraced the craft tables.

Live music had the crowd on their feet and dancing

Blacksmith's were hard at work and had wares for sale.

This was an interesting option, you could sample any or all baked goods for free. If you liked one or two or three, you could purchase the recipe for .25.  I sampled two, I liked two, I purchased two recipes. Christmas cooking will have a colonial flair this year and yummy. I also purchased the larger apple butter inside. I am only sorry I didn't get two.

Something was hot and bubbling here. One would most certainly expect a witch nearby. What was brewing? Animal fat and 3/4 water. Can you guess the end result?

 No witch at all, this lovely lady explained how to make candles in colonial times. You dip the strings which will later be wicks into the boiling recipe and pull it out after a short period of time. If you leave it in too long it will just melt. The thicker the candle the more dips. I checked on her later, she was busy. In colonial times, five and six year old girls were given this task. Now we give them an IPAD to occupy their time.

Candle dipping although it looks dangerous, seems more productive. Families sometimes bartered for goods using candles. Candles were like cash. If you had candles you were rich or at least had something to trade.

Special guests: Inside representatives from the Sons of the American Revolution, First City Troop and the St. Andrew's Society offered insight into flags and where the idea for the American flag may have came from, as Rich Paul and the crows listened intently. A name new to me was Francis Hopkinson, all flag enthusiast need to look him up. Heaven to Betsy and her efforts but Hopkinson gets credit for the original design. He also had a hand in the design on the one dollar bill. Francis Hopkinson is buried at Christ Church burial ground in Philadelphia.

Special quest: Ned Hector set up camp outside to educate the visitors on the contribution often colored troops in the American Revolution.  Mr. Hector was so exhalted for his efforts that a street in Conshohocken is named for him. Noah Lewis who portrays Ned Hector is also interested in coming out to schools and teaching kids about the role of African Americans in the American Revolution, something not very often found in history books. You can find additional information about his presentation at

The Massey House is open to visitors through the end of October on Sunday 1 - 4 p.m.

Upcoming Events:
See the list at:

October 25 Delaware County, Where America Began  Lecture at the Marple Christian Church next to the Massey House, with Rich Paul speaking. Rich Paul is the Chairman of the Delaware County Heritage Commission and knows his Delaware County history and is on top of all the historical events.

November 24 Antique Car Show and Frost Bite Run

December 3 Christmas Open House 1 p.m.

Look for future dates of their Colonial dinners, they do not have many dates offered but when they do, you don't want to miss it. Reservations have to be made at least a month in advance. It is that good.

I saw Senator Tom McGarrigle at the harvest event.  He pulled up right next to us in the parking lot. He wasn't driving but as he got out of his car he acknowledged us and walked over to the crowd and mingled. I recognized him from the many Veterans Parades I have seen him walk in down State Street in Media, when he was on Delaware County Council. It is things like this, seeing politicians active and out in the community participating that gets my vote. Diabolical debates, smear ads on television and the countless postcards I just have to recycle the clutter only serve to make me think, don't you have something better to do or offer? Forget about Facebook and Twitter get out there and let the people see your face, let them see you care. Maybe I am just old school but that matters to me.

He was even wearing Eagles green. Possibly honoring his own heritage but it doesn't hurt to promote the home team. That is good politics.

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