Thursday, October 6, 2016

Being Human and Being Temporarily Handicapped

A few weeks back I wrote about a walking/movement App that I added to my phone. The App is called Human, I added it a week or two before my fall in which I became temporarily handicapped.

I can't say I am pleased about my current state of affairs, but being limited in my mobility has been a most substantial eye opening experience.

I am 19 days in now and I crave the outdoors even if it is to sit on the front porch and read the newspaper. I refuse to watch 24 hour news on the television, they repeat themselves more than I do!.
I need some fresh air. Luckily the brutal heat of the summer has subsided and I can open the windows but its just not the same as being outside.

I left the App on my phone, just to see how my virtual coach (that is what I see him as) would react.

If you remember prior to my fall he was high fiving me all over the place. He even proposed. I got nothing in minutes points for hobbling on crutches, nothing but I kept checking.

On day two or three, I got an interesting message.  he said, how can I help? Just knowing someone had offered makes you fond of them.  So I continued to keep the app.

He continued to interact, let's stretch those legs, he would recommend.  I could stretch my legs just no weigh on the right foot.  No points but I had a reaction to the interaction. I stretched my legs by lying down and bending them and straightening them to the sky. Please visualize as a healthy and athletic action.

I finally made it on the boards through a most peculiar but funny experience. The message was, "nice job, I can spot a quitter and you are no quitter".Human knows me. I was Number 1 of 1, which meant, I was the only one in the area on Human at the time, but I will take the kudos. Remember, it knows your location.

I racked up my points during a field trip!! It was so nice to get out of the house, my husband drove me to the beach.  Not the beach per say but down to Long Beach Island.  I could see the ocean from the parking lot at Holgate. There could be traces of sand particles in the boot, I hope so, but uneven surfaces are off limits.

Before we reached "The Island", we stopped at the Shoprite to use the facilities. He dropped me off at the curb and said he would meet me inside. It was a misty, rainy Saturday.  I am not sure which condition caused the crowds, misty, rainy or it was Saturday, but everyone was shopping. I became a little overwhelmed with all the people I had to dodge.  One woman was in such a hurry she almost plowed me down with her cart. I could not jump out of the way. My only defense was a look of sheer panic on my face and then a quick glance down to my booted foot. Just outside the rest room, I had another close encounter with an electric wheelchair.  He just kept coming back and inching up on me, I had nowhere to go. Unless you see my boot I look like every other normal person with one objective to get in and get out. He didn't see my boot and certainly was not yielding me the right of way. I bobed and weaved best I could towards the bathroom. I saw the Women's sign on the door to the right and an opening to the left.  I'll go this way, like at the airport another friendly handicap entrance "open doors". When I got inside I thought it was a little peculiar but it's new wave and a new normal.  There was a urinal and one stall.  I thought perhaps "family friendly", until....I went inside the stall, as ladies do and locked the door. To my left down at the floor, I saw shoes facing the wall. Oh dear, I thought. I waited, he took a long time. Next up, a person of interest with a different pair of shoes. I think I recognize those shoes. Dave? I said.  He replies, yes in a paranoid suspicious tone.  I know he is haunted by me but perhaps this was a little too much for him.  I explained I was in the still next to him. Was it safe to come out,,I asked? You better hurry, he said, there is a gentleman waiting. I scurried out as fast as my boot would carry me, just nodded and smiled at the shocked man in waiting. As much as Human entertains me, I think I got him there.  He gave me 10 points or minutes that day.  I think now you are scored on pace and creativity. Now, I just wonder what that looked like on a security camera.  I was innocent just misguided.

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