Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10 Sites Driving through Van Alstyne,Texas

Driving along major roads you often see a sign for Historic City.  It catches my eye.  Here are a few places that looked interesting to me in Van Alstyne, Texas. I add it to my collection of "Everytown U.S.A." has a past worth sharing into the future.

The Water Tower was how I found the historic area. They could not have pick a more perfect color to highlight their town and the beautiful blue sky, a perfect match. The Panthers reference would be to the local high school sports team.

I don't know the age nor the resident of this home we passed by but I like it, especially the big front porch. That is a statement that could easily be said before the age of the Internet. After a little web surfing, I was able to find the information I missed by not catch the information on the big sign in the side yard of the house. This is Rock's Heart of Restoration an 1880's Victorian home that is now used for special events. It has it's own Facebook page and website. I have a good eye, I knew it was something special.

The town of Van Alstyne, Texas was founded in 1873 when the railroad came to town. 

I always like the details in the older buildings. They stick out with pride, since 1890.

Van Alstyne has a Welcome Center and a welcoming feel.

According to  http://vanalstynecdc.com/history/historic-sites/ Marshall Street pictured was the site of the Opera House.

I am not sure if this is the historical hardware store but I can vouch that hometown hardware store have the best selection of what the town folk are looking for. Confirmed: Van Alstyne Hardware founded in 1910 as Jackson and Howell according to http://vanalstynecdc.com/history/historic-sites/and location ID Google Earth.

Two more of the towns Murals, one depicting the railroad history and the other a vintage Dr. Pepper, King of Beverage.

To spot a Texaco Station in Texas where the Texas Company was founded is a bonus to me. I wonder what the rates were back in the day. Of course, the first thought that ran through my mind, "You can trust your car to the man that wears the star, the big bright Texaco Star".

I just happened to notice the yellow dots in the middle of the roadway.  I wonder what the story is with that?

I found a link to a great website to fill you in on more history of the town. vanalstynehistory.org/

I admire the historian that preserve the story. Every town has one to tell.

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