Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This close to being Miss America

There she is..................

I did not have the bathing suit or the evening gown.  I had sheer determination.

Here it is .....the Atlantic City Boardwalk where the Miss America " Show Me Your Shoes" Parade took place on Saturday. My shoes are Crocs and work well walking on the beach, the sand spills out of the holes. I would not recommend high heel hiking on the beach maybe on the boards.

Last year while attempting to catch a sunrise, I stumbled into a commercial shoot for the upcoming Miss America 2016 Pageant and I thought maybe I might catch something happening again.


Boardwalk Hall formally known as Atlantic City Convention Hall is the venue for the Miss America 2017 Contest. It also houses the world's largest musical instrument. The organ can be heard Monday thru Friday at noon for free 1/2 hour concert available from June to October 2. I was actually scouting out this information as well.  The concert did not take place on Monday, Labor Day not due to Hermine but due to security reasons I was told, "the girls are here".

So I did get in the door to Boardwalk Hall, a first for me but I only got so far.  If you really need to see the rest of the building tune into the Miss America Pageant or look it up on Wikipedia, they have a picture of an empty auditorium.

First I was looking through the window.

Then I tried the revolving door..........I was in.  It is beautiful inside.

The gentleman sitting behind the podium there was kind enough to let me take some photographs but told me, that is as far as I could go due to tightened security for the contestants.

I thought these pieces of art were ice sculptures.

Look closer, they are all disposable plastic bottles.

and here is the Focus on the Environment.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Atlantic City Convention Hall became a National Historic Landmark in 1987.
Built in 1929
Hosted the first indoor college football game in 1930
Became home to the Miss America Pageant in 1940
From 1942 - 1945, The U. S. Army used the facility for a headquarters and a training facility during World War II.
Home to the 1964 Democratic Convention
First indoor helicopter flight in 1970
Atlantic City Convention Hall was renamed Boardwalk Hall in 2001.

Plaques on the outside of the building

Across the Boardwalk from Boardwalk Hall is Kennedy Plaza with several monuments an memorials.

I misspoke in the title, I was this close to seeing the next Miss America.

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