Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 11 Opening Day for the Philadelphia Eagles

Phanatical Phootball Phans from Philadelphia often refer to opening day of football as
New Year's Day.

Here are some fun facts they probably already know but the rest of us rookies can study up.

The first NFL College draft took place in Philadelphia in 1936.

The first televised NFL game was between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The first standard rules for football were established in 1876.

Olympian Jim Thorpe was sign to the Canton Bulldogs in 1916.

The Arizona Cardinals which formed in Chicago, are the oldest continually operating pro football team.

Using a helmet became mandatory in 1943.

Instant replay was first adopted for officials in 1986. Instant replay was first adopted for officials in 1986. (That was an instant repeat).

Football has been America's favorite sport since 1966.

Monday Night Football began in 1970. Are you ready for some football?

Source: AAA World July/August 2013

Go E A G L E S

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