Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mother Teresa becomes a Saint

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu
August 26, 1910 - September 5,1997
Blessed Mother Teresa
 St. Mother Teresa
Canonization, St. Peter's Square
 September 4, 2016
Photographs taken in 1995
St. Katherine Drexel Parish
Chester, PA

Sayings by Mother Teresa

What I do others cannot do, and what others do I cannot do.
But we all do what God has established for us.
It is just that at times we forget this and begin watching what others are doing,
and wishing that we could do something different.

I am only God's pencil
one that he uses to sketch
whatever he wants.

We will never know how much
good a simple smile can do.
A smile is like a physical contact
it brings something of God into
human existence.

 Over the years
I have become more and more convinced
that the worst torment
is the feeling 
of abandonment.

Tree, flowers and grass grow in silence.
Stars, sun and moon move in silence.
Silence gives a new vision of things.

Peace springs forth from those that sow love
and allow it to mature until it bears fruit.
We have been made to love and be loved.

Joy is contagious 
and this is why we must always be joyful 
when we approach a poor person. 

Joy sprays from your eyes,
from your face
and your every movement.

I am forced to bear the burden of fame,
but the benefit that I derive from this is
only for the love of Jesus.
Whenever they talk about me 
on the television or in newspapers
they talk about the poor,
making people interested on them.
Therefore, it is worthwhile for me to take
on this burden.

We know only too well 
that what we are doing 
is nothing more
than a drop in the ocean.
But if the drop were not there,
the ocean would be missing something.

I had the unique opportunity to touch Mother Teresa's arm as she entered the auditorium at St. Katherine Drexel School in 1995. It felt like being struck by lightning without the pain, an electrical charge went through my entire body. She had quite the spark.

You can watch the festivities live on ETWN 285 on Verizon Cable
on other cable networks Check for yours

The Canonization of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta 
will air live from Rome
4 a.m. ET
11:30 a.m. ET
10 p.m. ET

The Miracles that made Mother Teresa a Saint. 

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