Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How Accidents Can Happen

Let's start at the very beginning, I was headed to Texas to visit my daughter, a new grad student and I got an email from Groupon, advertising a huge discount to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas.

My eyes lit up, I have a friend that lives near Fort Worth who took me there to see it before.  It is beautiful! The price was only $150 a night. I accidentally booked the wrong place, The Great Wolf  Lodge is not the Gaylord Texan but I still wanted to visit the Gaylord again.

 The ducks that were possibly crossing were floating but they were not moving. Something was wrong. When I typically photograph ducks, they do just that, duck their heads into the water. They were perfect...decoys.

The inside was beautiful as well.  One wall was patterned after the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas and...

,,,,further along the path, you can visit a replica of the famous River Walk in San Antonio. River Walk was not very crowded ...but I had all those steps to record on my Human app. I didn't mind cruising around

The sports bar was filled. Why you ask on a Sunday afternoon?  The Dallas Cowboys were playing on the big screens. The Dallas Cowboys in Texas are synonymous with the Philadelphia Eagles in Wentzylvania, if they are playing, the game is on. I did not watch, I know better as a Philadelphia fan.

Five years ago when I visited the Gaylord, I remember at least one other train set up, one that the track was shaped in the outline of a guitar. I might be able to find that in my archives.

Here is another look at the center courtyard.  It must be stunning at night with those lights.

 and the Lone Star glowing above.

I was surprised no one was in the pool at 3 p.m in the afternoon.  It was 103 degrees outside that day. Maybe it was only 96, I can't confirm but it was hot and humid. I can confirm that.

One couple was in the outdoor pool. If I have been a guest there maybe I would go to the outdoor pool.

As a visitor, all I was really entitled to was the steering contest....

and I lost.

The next venture, as Bob Dylan so eloquent sings was  "a simple twist of fate".  The words fit so perfectly. This sidewalk does look a little shady.

Looking closer, millions of people probably walk past here on their way to the parking lot.  I happened to be that million in one that caught the uneven pavement just right or more descriptive just wrong in the broken chunk. My foot twisted and down I went.

 I was pretty sure I broke my foot but was in denial for several hours. I could not put any pressure on my right foot and as I tried to stand I describe the sensation as woozy. Everything goes black and white and you see in a tunnel vision fashion. I could feel my left leg was also bruised and I thought perhaps I was bleeding to death. It was just a brush burn. It was least of my troubles. My husband claims I passed out as I tried to get up and he was calling me Hillary for a brief time. I get her fall now. I reported the incident the next day since my initial thought was to get into a comfortable spot and I could be on their security cameras.  Thank goodness CNN won't get that footage and play it a million times over. All I wanted to do was rest and it would get better.

Later that evening, I got my first experience with an urgent care facility. I delayed treatment because I was still in denial. I was out of town and the thought of having a broken foot seemed just unrealistic to deal with.

Tomorrow: Reality sets in

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