Monday, September 5, 2016

Hermine and the Jersey Shore Labor Day Weekend

Things were not looking promising for the unofficial last weekend of summer at the Jersey Shore.

The birds looked unfazed and did not appear to be seeking shelter.

Yet the osprey was not in his nest. Should we be concerned?

Let's check the coast. Whelp, those waves are a whipping, but the birds are still beaching.

The fishermen have disappeared from the fishing pier.

Photographers were out in force.

Beach goers were not permitted into the raging seas and rugged rip tides, but were still able to enjoy the always unpredictable exchange with the ocean.

Luckily for the New Jersey coast, it was spared this time. The ocean was in a giving mood not taking. All of the following items were found toppling out of the ocean as the waves surged.

Pirates refer to their finds as treasured booty.  This was a big haul that occurred over a two day period, combing approximately 10 blocks of the beach. I was part of the retrieving crew.

Finders keepers kids, aargh.

The guv'ner would be proud of this business in Ventnor, they heeded the call and prepared.

Unknown forces sent the storm in a different direction.

Merchants were mad at the loss of income over the weekend but the surfers were smiling at the high tide surge.

Hang ten!
Praise the Lord
a gift.

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