Thursday, September 29, 2016

Feeling Brroken

Cruising on Crutches, not exactly, but you do what you gotta do and many times you have to be creative. You quickly learn to focus on the things you can do, not those that you cannot.

Continued from yesterday

The location we did have reservations at was just across the street. After I gained my composure, it took 10 minutes or so lying on the pavement with my head propped up, my husband went to get the car. Initially, I made him stay there with me in fear I would pass out or get woozy again. It is a worrisome state. I could not walk or put any pressure on my right foot.

We made it to the Grey Wolf Lodge and I somehow made it inside to the nearest place to sit down. Just as I was about to slip into the chair a man in a motorized wheelchair began to back up. He wasn't looking in his rear view and I screamed whoa, whoa. He spun around and went his merry way. He didn't recognize my dilemma and may have thought I was being rude. 

I contacted my friend who lived nearby to see if she had crutches. She has two boys in sports so the odds were pretty good, and she did. Neither boy has ever broken a bone so she wasn't sure why they were up in the attic but they were. Perhaps they were just waiting for me all those years.

Wheelchair awareness is a new mindfulness lesson for me.  Little children look at you with curiosity. They want to play with your wheels. The next age level up, 5 - 50 don't even know you exist and rush around many times blocking your way. They do this not in a rude or disrespectful way, they are in their own able world and just don't notice.

Once you are noticed, they try not to stare but they do. You can almost read their minds. Pity, I wonder what is wrong with her? I was doubled down sitting in a wheelchair and holding crutches upright, as to not bump into anyone. In my own defense and praise I wasn't too bad with the wheelchair. I learned one wheel goes back and the other forward to straighten or turn. I am betting you gain some muscles and great upper body strength maneuvering those vehicles around.

The hotel had wheelchairs to loan thank goodness because the elevator was far down the hall from the reception area. Our room was not ready yet so we waited in the lobby for a text message. We did not request a handicapped accessible room because first, I wasn't sure I needed one and second I had the wheelchair so I was somewhat mobile.

We met my friend nearby at her son's soccer game to retrieve the crutches. I haven't been on crutches for 23 years. I wouldn't say it is like riding a bike. You have to think out your every move before you do it. Distance is intimidating and so is a curb, uneven surface and any obstacle in between. Just rising up after you sit is an ordeal. It was my right foot. I don't know if it is because I am right handed and it is natural to lead with my right foot but every time I went to get up I wanted to use my right foot and I could not.

Time for the final verdict, people in Texas all seem to be aware of urgent care facilities.  It was my first experience. I tried to Google one in the area I was staying but found this one the old fashion way, we were driving by and I saw the neon sign "24 Hour Emergency".  I was told earlier you can phone ahead and they will call you for a good time to come in.  We had no wait at all.  I was greeted by a nurse, a doctor and a technician all within two minutes.  Once he determined I was not critical, I sat with admissions and gave my insurance information, I was most impressed with the short wait and the excellent care.  I think Texas has the right idea going on down there for health care.  I was hoping to get the good news that it was just a minor bruise and they were most pleasant in their delivery. I had a Jones fracture, the most common injury to the foot; it figures I am keeping up with the Jones and not the Kardaishians.

I was handed a pair of new crutches and a sandal type Velcro shoe to place on my injured foot.  I was told that they now only put casts on small children or older people because they tend not to follow doctors’ orders. I was somewhat flattered not to be considered an older person, I’m probably border line.  I am someone that will do whatever it takes to regain my full potential back, including the rest my foot needs and the nutrition.  I have already bookmarked foods rich in Vitamin C (a natural healer) and calcium (a bone builder). All I need to do now is heal.

I am a relatively active person so; there is a whole laundry list of things I will be unable to do, including laundry.  Wait are their perks to this? Not really, I would rather do laundry. I have certainly become much more aware of the things and our abilities that we take for granted. I get reevaluated in 6 weeks, so I will live with these restrictions and hope this break in the action makes me a more mindful and better person. Being unable to drive and get around with ease is a setback but I realize this is a temporary condition and I feel even more impressed with people that overcome much larger adversities.

I did mention I was out of town correct? The things that run through your mind change, you really don’t care who the next president will be or even what time the debate is. Like how am I going to do that?  How do I get from Point A to Point B?  How am I going to walk through the airport?  My friend works for the airline so she called for me and made arrangements for a wheelchair.  They asked if I need a gurney to get onto the airplane.  A gurney, I cried?  I would manage to hop down the aisle to row 18. They called me 24 hours before to confirm everything and upgraded me to row 11 and they even have a skinny wheelchair that fits down the aisle. 

I was one of three passengers that got to board first. That was cool being on an airplane first and not having to fight for space for your overhead baggage. Look at all that empty space. I also got to go to the head of the TSA line.  You would think TSA would have a little mercy but that was not the case.  I did not have to walk through the x-ray machine but my husband who got to walk with me went straight through a side gate no questions asked.  I had to lean forward and lift as they looked behind me and under the wheelchair and then I had to have my hands swabbed but I could keep my shoes on. I know we are living in difficult times but do we really have to be so harsh and victimize innocent people.  I know it is also not a game but can’t TSA agents be a little pleasant.  It is not a fun experience for anyone let alone some one that is already feeling a certain degree of DIS-comfort.

Envy those folks getting a free ride through the airport?  It is a scary experience! The drivers belong to a third party and are not specific to any airline; the airline just makes the arrangements.  This skilled, people mover, professional seems to know what they were doing but notifying and getting a cooperating public is another matter.  The drivers have very loud voices as they proclaimed they were coming through, with a thunderous “excuse me”.  The only thing is, you are the first and foremost "me" that possibly could collide with oncoming people and some people don’t move real fast.

My right foot had a few tumultuous moments and when all was said and done I got to proclaim, whew, that’s over. I was safely home. I had made a pact with myself that I would not cry about all of this until I got home.  I was too grateful to my husband, my daughter and my friends and  for all the support, I got along the way.  I have got to give my husband credit as he was getting short of breath running up and down the steps retrieving things I needed for the day.  I was happy when he went to work the next day and I was left to my own accord to figure it all out.To all care gives, it is nit personal, just frustrating to someone who is very independent and can not do certain things for themselves.

On day five, I got an upgrade, I was taken off the crutches by a local Orthopedic Facility and I got the boot.  I was nervous to put my foot down but I did and I had the ability to walk again.  It is an amazing creation of modern medicine. I am still restricted but I can walk in limited circumstances. Again I am most grateful and despite my fall, feeling lucky. I got the boot.


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