Monday, August 15, 2016

Olympic Highlights thus Far

And the medal goes to.......................Medals Tally

The buzz word is "cupping". This is the technique Michael Phelps uses for pain and it seems to be working for him.

Continuing in the pool, bathing caps off to Michael Phelps for not being sour for the 3-way tie in Silver for the 100Fly. you can't win them all, well almost. How many golds does he have? It was up to at least 22 I think. The total will be 23. He has matured nicely, it helps to have your child there watching. What year in the Olympics will we see Boomer in the pool? He is the cutest spectator by far and a stylish dresser. I liked his matching to dad headphones.

Schooling a 21 year old, who beat Michael Phelps won the FIRST Olympic Gold for Singapore swimming against his idle.  There was a photograph of when the 8 year old first met Phelps, that was  pretty cool. Phelps should be proud of that inspiration.

How about that woman from Hungry, Katrinka Hosszu?  I was most impressed with her and all her wins. She led the field, having at least 3 Golds, she was respectful on the Silver side as well. I did not think she could ever be beat.

Neither did Madeline Dirado, it's all in the touch.  That was an incredible win and you could not help but feel her humble appreciation and shock that she won. Dirado earned my respect during the relay.  She looked nervous up there in the big leagues, nobody wants to slack on their leg and she was awesome and did the job. She proved she is a real team player.

Talk about humble and amazing and yes a symbol, not because she is historically the first Black Women to win a gold medal in swimming but because of how excited, happy and overwhelmed she was when she won.  She also thanked God. Let's give her the praise she has earned, divine intervention comes to those that have earned it.

Ledecky winning one of the most arduous races the 800Free and shattering a World Record.  You go girl! I know there is concern about the water in Rio but whatever roommates Ledecky and Manuel are drinking I want to buy the stock. Alumnus Dirado also is making a splash. Congrats to the Stanford students. You have to be competitively smart too.

Old People award to the 35 year old. Is 35 old?  It is for the U. S. Olympian Anthony Ervin who won a gold medal at 19 and gave up swimming and now has made a golden comeback. Congratulations Young Man!

Young people award to the Final Five, the Gold Medal finalists. Give Gabby a break, people were harsh to her this week. Focus on the positive, that Simone is somethin'. I relate to my toppling tree in yoga. That is some strength and stamina and hard work all those young ladies go through. Accentuate the positive.

Gold of course it the ultimate prize but let us not forget the focus, stamina and hard work put into each performance.  All these athletes are the best in the world. There is no shame in silver and bronze is much better than the majority can perform. Go out and make your day sparkle gold, silver and bronze.

It is not over yet.

On to the next week of competition including

 Rio Olympic Golf
 Photo courtesy of Rick Fox

Look Back Link on the Road to London 2012 and Photographs of the Training Facility in Colorado Springs.

Slideshow of Olympic Training Facility
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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