Tuesday, July 19, 2016

One of Many Ways We Are Taking Stock in a Great America

A few weeks back in late June, I was in Margate during Beachstock Weekend. My friends decided on an early morning bike ride and I chose to stroll on up to the beach.

Beautiful weather at the beach and life doesn't get any better. Agreed?

Face Painting was a feature.

Radio stations were rocking the beach.


There will always be competition in this world but a friendly volley ball game doesn't exclude anyone. There are opposing sides but all you have to do is change your position and rotate and play your part. There could be a job opportunity waiting on the other side of the net, serve well. We don't all get to pick sides, sometimes the sides pick us, keep those options open.

 Margate Soul Line Dancers were demonstrating the steps and later invited the crowd to join them on the platform boardwalk. They also invited the crowd to come join them during the week at the community center. It was no easy feat to follow along but once you got your groove on, you easily fit into the role of a skilled performer at having fun.

Brave souls entered the early June ocean. Still the water was a little chilly for me. I was a toe dipper. The more hearty ones were attending a surfing seminar. It is never too early or too late to get an education. You can't spot it very well in this picture but once it got closer....................

The jury is still out in my opinion on these gadgets, the drones. They are starting to show up everywhere. I can spot them easily as a birder, I am always looking up. To quote one of my least favorite sayings, "It is the new normal". Up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a UFO. it's not superman, it's a drone.  They have you on their radar. It still seems too spacey to me. I think it is fascinating to see the footage that these objects can display where the common man could never capture the beauty in a moment, but on the beach I find them invasive.

A perfect day can be found under any circumstance but a beautiful day at the beach can inspire "unity" and walking hand in hand. Let's follow their lead. The signs are out there.

I have two stories to share of Beachstock 2016 Margate, NJ. While I was also admiring the craftsmanship, I heard a little boy ask the creator of this sculpture, "Hey, Mister did you do that"? The reply from Mister was, "Yes, I did". The reply from the approximately five year old was, "You're pretty good".  We are still impressing our youth with the "pretty good" things in life. We should focus more on those things. I like the slogan...Send a message in sand.

I did not capture the following story with my camera, to be truthful I was somewhat fearful as an invasion of privacy and what that really means. Plus an unwanted camera in the face of a police officer might be  touchy topic. I should have asked permission, I suppose. Like everyone else, I never want to find myself on the wrong side of the law. I told my friends when we met up again that I witnessed police profiling at the beach. They were shocked to think this happened in their community but not overly surprised, I went on to explain. I saw a police officer blocking the sidewalk and passage with his arms outstretched to a mother and her young child on a bicycle.  He proceeded to inspect the vehicle, checking the buckles were secure on the child safety seat and giving high marks to the mother for having a helmet on the child but cautioning her that she should also be donning protective head gear. It makes sense to me now but I first thought, c'mon she's an adult.  The child was allowed to pick a gift from the prize tent. This may not have been the extreme profiling we are witnessing on all the news stations right now but it is nonetheless profiling, looking for that friendly way to remind people, we can all do better. We don't often look at police officers as friendly reminders.  We think they are only looking for trouble, yet they are the first ones we call when there is trouble. I sit up straighter when they pass me in a car and sweat bullets when they are following me and hope my trembling foot does not exceed the posted speed limit. It seems to be a common behavior. Did I do something wrong?

 I am not trying to be political, just conventional this week.

Welcome to America! Welcome to every-town USA.

At the beach, Bronze Lives Matter and the only weapon you will need is sunscreen.

It is common sense.

 sometimes she's an elephant and OK other times she's a donkey.

We are all in this together.

One of my favorite songs at the beach on my ITunes is 
"We Are Neighbors" by the Chi-Lites.

You enter the beach, plop down all your stuff, first scanning the neighborhood to see who is around. Who can you tolerate to share in your peaceful tranquil day?
Who can tolerate you?
We don't seem to think that far out of the box.

We Are Neighbors
Whether We Want To Be or Not
It is such a great song, listen to it!

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