Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Most Memorable Fireworks

From up above, flying into NYC on my way home from my honeymoon in Ireland.  The flashes looked like flowers blooming in color. It was an awesome and very eye-catching way to be welcomed back home to the states.

Disney World during a Pyrotechnics Convention. This was a happenstance that we had no idea was happening when we were at Disney World.  It is probably the most spectacular fireworks I have ever seen. That being said....

Two years ago we were in the Pittsburgh area for a wedding on July 5th. With nothing to do on the 4th we wandered into the fireworks display in downtown Pittsburgh at Three Rivers, this too was pretty dang spectacular. If you ever just happen to be there go to their fireworks display at Three Rivers!

Delaware River - Penn's Landing I have seen twice and it is wonderful. We have stood near the Seaport Museum and in a parking lot further down.  It is nicer to be closer to the water and watch but a quick exit in traffic has its perks as well.. I find it to have a more striking appearance reflecting off the water.

The Philadelphia Art Museum fireworks display from the Schuylkill Expressway was a nightmare.  We drove around about 2 hours trying to find parking and finally drove onto the Schuylkill and watched from the side of the road. A lot of people were stopping during the presentation but I would not recommend it. It is a scary place to drive without adding fireworks, this is risky behavior. I insisted on seeing them, hence my nickname, Nightmare.

Radnor High School has to be the most vivid of all fireworks in my memory.  We did not pay by the carload instead we found a neighborhood street across from the high school close to the Blue Route side and proceeded to watch with friends and family. Something went terribly wrong for me in the intestinal tract and my husband drove me to a local restaurant possibly called the Villanova cafe or restaurant.  It was a small diner type place.  I ran in, took care of business and came out only to have to quickly return back to the rest room. I was better and made it outside to the car and thought, no maybe I better go back in.  The manager met us at the door and blocked my way and said, "I don't think so, that is enough". I was paralyzed by what he said.  I don't know if he gave me the cure or shock the you know what outta me.  I was constipated for a week.  I will never forget that experience. I laugh about it now.  The restaurant is no longer there but it is not my fault. I saw the tail end of those fireworks.

Collingdale was our first "family" attempt at fireworks.  It took us a while to get all the gear into the car and off to the show we went, with a stroller, bug spray, diapers, a blanket, netting to place around our baby for mosquitoes, chairs to sit in, including the miniature director's chair for the baby, just in case he wanted to get out of the stroller. Parking was a bear so we missed the beginning.  The booms started about four blocks away and my son screamed in fear. We traveled back to the car much quicker and watched in the sky as we drove away.

Chester Park in 6th grade when LG threw a sparkler at me and almost caught my hair on fire was unmistakably memorable.  This unfriendly surprise attack was in retaliation of my less than mutual affection.

Longport, New Jersey on the beach a few years back was my first experience of watching fireworks on the beach.  It was cool and satisfied my bucket list which can also be accomplished by any day or night on the beach, I find that to be spectacular.

Phillies Game is a great place to see fireworks after a game.  They used to let you come down on the field and lay back and watch them up in the sky but it has been a while since I have seen them there. I am not sure that is still permitted.

Another way to see the fireworks after the Phillies game is from the parking lot across the street We saw them when the kids were little from the parking lot of the Spectrum from the back of John Kennedy's truck. I am not sure if they would charge you to park there now but my guess is, probably.  It could still be cheaper than getting tickets to the game. Bring your own hot dogs and water ice, make an event out of it.

On Television ( now this you do if you can't get a date or are looking for a more intimate experience and are not into the whole crows scene)

Let's face it Fireworks are Spectacular from every viewing spot,

the experience just adds to the memories.

I watched the Fireworks in New York and the Philadelphia Art Museum on
Channel 10 this year.  It was raining but it appears "most" firework celebrations went off with a big bang in 2016.

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