Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hot Spots in Phiadelphia "Must See"

Welcome to the 2016 Philadelphia Democratic National Convention, Candidates and Delegates,
where Hillary supporters will be raising Kaine.

The fall is really the very best time to tour our Historic City.
You are here at one of the hottest weeks weather wise and perhaps one of the hottest times in history.
We are not trying to trump Cleveland but we have just as much pride in our city and we wish you a safe and successful convention.

Places you must see
"our icons"

Independence Hall
(go inside take the tour, it's free!)

History happened here!
(the original delegates stopped by)

 See if you can spot one of my favorite statues
The Signer
He is very nearby.

Stop in and visit the President's House, it is right there.

Liberty Bell
I am always torn about which symbol has a more powerful significance
our independence or let freedom ring

Carpenter's Hall and the Military Museum

William Penn Statue on top of City Hall

William Penn 
our founder and source of superstition.
You see, it was a gentleman's agreement that no building be taller than this statue.
We were not a skyscraper city.
We have had a few sports championships but it is often believe that if that seal was not broken we would have had many more.

William Penn seems to be overshadowed by the tall buildings but he is definitely still in the picture (peeking out in the far right ) and in the hearts and minds of the residents.

The City of Brotherly love and the Sister's are just as affectionate.

Boat House Row

Water Works
(tour inside)
a great restaurant there as well. 

Mural Arts all over the city

Elfreth's Alley

Betsy Ross House

Christ Church
(Washington's private pew is here)

Christ Church burial ground
 (toss a penny on Ben Franklin's grave)

The Rocky Steps
at the Philadelphia Museum of Art are
not as significant historically but popular none the less.

You may want to save this adventure for tomorrow's suggestions.
"Cool places for convention attendees and guests of the city to go".

After you take the climb and step into Rocky's footprints turn around for another spectacular view of the city. Note the stage in the center of the picture.  This is the same location, we were blessed with  Pope Francis when he came for World Meeting of Families in 2015. This time of year, the area is known as "The Oval" with any exciting things happening, join in the fun.

The ever popular Rocky statue is to the left of the base of the steps

There used to be a life-size image of Pope Francis at the Independence Visitor's Center just across from Independence Hall and the President's House, if you would like to get a selfie, this weekend I saw Rocky there. You can get tickets to most Philadelphia attractions at the visitor's center plus tickets (free but timed) to Independence Hall.

Rocky is cool but maybe rubbing elbows with the Pope wouldn't have been such a bad idea

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