Thursday, July 7, 2016

Contemplating at the Barnes Foundation

Ever since the Barnes moved to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, I have wanted to visit. Unless it is different on select Sundays this is what I was able to see for free. It appeared you needed timed tickets for the other exhibits and those tickets start to be available the day of, at 9 a.m. I will share my reflections.

Barnes on Free First Sunday 

Typically, I would say, I am not a fan of modern art but I must say I came away fascinated.

These tangled wheels were situated at the front door as you entered the museum doors. I did not get the name of the piece but it was discarded wheels from strollers it looked like to me that were formed into a tree with many branches of steel.Viewing the same structure from the inside with the reflection in the water, it almost looks like a real tree.

There were three of these stacked like snowmen creations that stood in the entrance way into Roberts Hall (I think that is the name of the exhibition room). It reminded me of twisted mac and cheese at first glance. Looking closer you see the details of twisted, spray painted foam with what looks like circuits and fuses.  I was originally envisioning cells of the body or possibly things your body comes in contact with. Obviously I was thinking too much. Read the Mango Tourist description below. I never found the mango seeds, oh I see them now. I never would have guessed.

I was drawn to this display at the other end of the room being a Philadelphia suburbanite.  Yo, We the People, that is us. I wanted to touch it and see how it was made.  You can't touch it of course there are many guarding eyes causing a barrier between you and the art work.  I am not saying this is a bad thing. Looking close you can see there are pins that are holding each thread of string.  I'm guessing first they drew it out, pinned it to get the holes and then painted it white and then adding the string, that is how I would have done it.  It is very cool and something especially to see on the Fourth of July weekend.  I would imagine the different colors of string represent all the different people "we" are.

This one looked like an open casket to me but there was much more to it.  It had something to do with barrels. I see a piano with keys, perhaps stellar points in life, I'm reaching.....

Homeland Sweet Homeland is about Miranda Rights. The feathers on the eagle that stand for freedom in our country are the first items to strike your eye. As you approach the full picture, the objects used tell a different story.

The Barnes Foundation and this exhibit definitely has soul and being female did has it advantages when observing this piece of art. The soul stands out but you look to see what else is missing, reading between the letter you can see unlit  letters.  Female always look for hidden messages in text. Am I right ladies?  Have a look. Turn it upside down, twist those words around.  We have the skill. It really isn't all that complicated but I got it instantly my min works that way.  It says..........

Soul Liquors
deeper than that I did not go.

If you need to retire, there's a place for them and you in this world, just make sure you cover up all the holes and no water can leak in.  All I can think about when I see old tires is a water collector and the Zika virus. Where is my creativity?

In the same room sat this desk. You have to read the description to fully understand the concept, or at least I do.

Look at it can see viewers passports on the back wall.

I had a different reaction to this vision.  The bats lined up along the bottom of the frame resembled what I thought to be rifles, the way the south stacked them up at Appomattox to begin the end of the Civil War. If you have even read about the surrender or visited this site in Virginia you might share my initial response. I wasn't that far off target but it does show people can view situations n different light just from their past experiences. I like the constellation in the bake pan idea.  I will never look at my roaster the same again.

Here is what the artist is trying to convey.

I spent more time observing, contemplating and thinking about this piece. When I first walked into the room, I spotted it out of the corner of my eye but was not immediately drawn to it. I thought it looked like a giraffe or some other tall animal. It turns out it was the more complex elephant in the room.

Read about the Savior

The Artist

My expressed opinions are mine alone and may not reflect the message the artist is trying to convey. Sometimes I think a little different and artists have minds of their own.

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