Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Abraham Lincoln a Republican ran with Andrew Johnson a Democrat, they won.

Abraham Lincoln is considered one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever had. He sought to remove the biggest stain on our country's history, slavery, and he paid with his life.

Enter Andrew Johnson, Vice President to Abraham Lincoln and successor after Lincoln's assassination. Andrew Johnson, a Democrat ran on the National Union ticket with Lincoln a Republican. Andrew Johnson was born in poverty in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Learning more about Andrew Johnson, I will say he had one of the most precarious jobs in history.  As a tailor, he was considered a creator and mender, sounds like the perfect resume for healing a country torn apart. It was an opportunity to follow the constitution he sorely believed in, to the letter. All men are created equal are the words that resonate for me, from that very precious document. It defines who we are as a country, the United States.

AJ moved to and became involved in politics in Greenville, Tennessee at an early age. You can find the following information about the man who was left to bring unity to the North and the South after the civil war at the Andrew Johnson National Historic site in Greenville. The town has a southern flare, they are friendly, gentile and you can find a Confederate flag or two.

 A very interesting feature at the NPS location is his tailor shop. It is preserved inside the visitor's center building, a building inside a building.  They also have a recording of scissors snipping material in the background to add to the authenticity. It is unique and it draws your attention.

Other artifacts in this building tell more about the man. I  do not remember much about him in my history classes. It was all Abraham Lincoln. Who was Andrew Johnson?

Andrew Johnson was a Democrat and a slave owner which certainly makes one wonder why Lincoln would have ran with him for reelection. Johnson was the "only" senator from the Southern States against secession and he remained loyal to the Union.  He seemed a good choice, anyone can question that decision in hindsight. He was the President of the United States at the end of the Civil War in charge of Reconstruction

Inside his home located across the street from the NPS office and the Tailor Shop is the home of Andrew Johnson. Inside on the walls you can see other signs of the times during his presidency, including a "Women's Rights Convention" in Philadelphia.

The last home he lived in the Andrew Johnson Homestead is located on the Main Street in Greenville, Tennessee.

 Just up the hill from the Johnson Homestead is the Asbury Methodist Church and a not much further up the street is the Greene Co. Courthouse.

Andrew Johnson escaped impeachment by one vote and never ran for a second term. He did return to politics and after several attempts was elected Senator from Tennessee in 1875. His tenure was brief, he died on July 31, 1875.

During his presidency, the United States did acquire Alaska. Was this a good choice? You betcha but at the time it was called "Seward's Folly."

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