Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Photos passing through Cherokee, North Carolina

Cherokee, North Carolina

If we had more time the museum would have been a definite stop.

Cherokee has a reputation for selling some of the finest Indian flutes.

Crafts and goods

Harrah's Casino is in town.

Along the water looked like the place to stop.

and the place to fish.

KFC and an Outdoor Drama sounds like a good combo.

This is the picture, when I uploaded it, something triggered in my brain and lo and behold it is something special.This is a Peter Toth, Whispering Giant. I have come across 3 so far including this one. I am now on a search for pictures of my other two at Virginia Beach and Ocean City, Maryland.

Here is a full list of the Trail of the Whispering Giants known to still be in existence. If you happen to have a photograph of one of them and would like to share it, please do.

I fund the Ocean City, Maryland one.

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