Thursday, May 12, 2016

10 Views of Davy Crockett's Home

The Crockett Tavern Museum opened on April 21, 1958. It took us 58 years to find it. If you ever travel along route 81 in Tennessee it is not far off the main road. It does not open for tours until May however but I can show you what you can see on the outside.  There is a fierce security force that lives next door who barks at your every move. Even though the building is not original, it is a great find.

 A reconstruction of a 1790 tavern.

Anyone who grew up during the 50's and 60's knows Davy Crockett was "King of the Wild Frontier".

 I never knew he was a politician nor did I know............

Crockett was a member of the U.S. 21st Congress, a representative from Tennessee.

Davy Crockett a man that don't know fear.

How many kids owned a coon skin hat?

When visiting the Alamo, you will find, a monument to Davy Crockett along with those that died at the Alamo. It stands facing the fort so that all the generations that come to San Antonio, Texas will "Remember the Alamo" and those that fought there.

Here is a link to the Crockett Tavern Museum website in Tennessee for additional information.

Davy Crockett State Park in Greene County Tennessee the traditional birthplace also includes a replica of  Davy Crockett's birth cabin.

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