Thursday, May 5, 2016

10 Common Health Conditions

CSS Can't See Stuff  Do you squint? You may need glasses make an appointment. Do you wear glasses? They may be dirty, clean em.

TMC Too much caffeine? Got the shakes, jitters, feeling anxious, cut back on intake and eat something.

HNC Have no clue, no worries we all suffer from this from time to time.

DGI Don't get it could be confused with HNC, similar symptoms, see your doctor for clarification or ask someone who gets it. Careful of those people that do get it, it could be contagious.

WATS What are the symptoms?  If you don't have them don't ask, or try to solve the symptoms from googling them, you might get them. Similar to hypochondriac.

LOS Lack of sun we all need a little sunshine in our lives, why do they keep trying to take that way? LOS could also refer to lack of sleep.  Anyone can diagnose this, just look for the cranky ones.

ATT allergic too that, avoid it, especially if it is human

CSS Can't sit still  - take a walk is the best cure ever, eventually you will tire.

TMTD Too much to do, take it in pieces, one thing at a time, if you can multi-task fine but don't lose the focus. Make a list and cross it off, see accomplishment.

NAV Need a vacation. Even if it means getting up from your desk and taking a walk. When problem solving, sometimes the same solution produces the same result. Look at the problem from across the room without it staring you in the face, so to speak.

Taking a step back before you move forward is a (RX) recommended way to dance through life.

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