Tuesday, April 19, 2016


You Decide
or at least hope that those that do decide, consider all the possibilities.

Talking to a Wall
Hitting a Wall

Bouncing off the Wall

Bounced over the Wall
It's outta here.

 Hadrian's Wall

 The Great Wall of China

Walls of Jericho

911 Memorial Wall

 Berlin Wall

The Wall
aka Vietnam War Memorial

Crack in the Wall

Leak in the Wall

Crumbling Wall

Painted Wall

Brick Wall
White Wall
Stone Wall

Prison Wall

Castle Wall

 Wall Ball

Sea Wall

Wall of Water


Paper thin Walls

Padded Walls

Stonewall Jackson

Walls of Jericho

Garden Wall

Wall Street

 Wall Street Journal

Wall of Sound

Wailing Wall
 Be the Wall 
interesting website for parents of teens

Pink Floyd "The Wall"
all and all we are just another brick in the wall...

Who said, "Tear down this wall"!

I found this website on Immigration Flow throughout history and I found it an interesting read.

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